By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery & Vineyard

Their Story

Fifteen years of great wine reviews have made By Chadsey’s Cairns a County touchstone for wine aficionados. Known for their commitment to locally-grown wines, Vida and Richard produce classic varietals: Chardonnay and Pinot, Riesling and Gewürztraminer (often touched with noble rot) and rarer wines such as Muscat and Chenin Blanc. The rosés are dry and the sparklings a striking vibrant red. Overlooking Lake Ontario, the winery is housed in a cluster of historic buildings next to a pioneer cemetery. Of course, there are stories. The winery is named after an early settler who built stone cairns to guide him home in the afterlife.

Contact Info

17432 Loyalist Pkwy, Prince Edward, ON K0K 3L0
Open 11am to 6pm, daily, spring through fall. Varying hours through winter, call ahead.
17432 Loyalist Pkwy, Prince Edward, ON K0K 3L0
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