Elements Glass Studio

Their Story

Contemporary glass art from originally designed stained glass panels, gorgeous kiln-formed glass bowls and platters; kiln casting and glass sculptures are Caroline’s latest interests. Her award-winning work is collected coast-to-coast and internationally. “Glass takes me to fascinating places and areas of discovery, both within myself and within its own depths: crystal clear, light magnifying tiny imperfections, adorning them with rainbow hue. Deep, dark, rich vibrant colour, cool smooth gloss, urging touch; solid one moment, fluid the next. It all draws me.”

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305 Bloomfield Main St, Prince Edward, ON K0K 1G0
Open 11am to 5pm, daily, July to Sept; 11am to 4pm, weekends, Oct to Dec. Other times by chance or by appointment.
305 Bloomfield Main St, Prince Edward, ON K0K 1G0
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